Took a Break, and continuing to take a break (if I feel like it)

Hi Team.  It’s been a while.  Life is busy and there are many things I would rather do than spend oodles of time updating this blog on a quasi regular basis.  I did have an excellent Christmas season and a vacation to SE Asia over Thanksgiving.  And a most excellent powder day skiing a couple weeks ago (it was the kind of day that completes your season, even though it was in December).  And those are the things that are important to me – family, food, friends, traveling and skiing (in somewhat that order, depending on the day). 

Going forward, I will post sporadically, or whenever I feel like it, and people will continue to not read this blog.  But, for the 2 people who somewhat liked what I wrote I about, there is no reason to flood the streets with tears. I will be posting over at Harry’s blog on what we have agreed to be a monthly basis.  

Be sure to check over there and read his blog, as it is good stuff.  And buzz on over and take a look at my first guest post for him on Being Average.  Not only will you find no one is average, but it is a terribly misleading number.      


2 Responses to “Took a Break, and continuing to take a break (if I feel like it)”

  1. January 7, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Glad you are well and sounds like you’ve had a great holiday :0) Count me as one of those two people who somewhat enjoy what you have to say. But do what you have to for the balance you want in life 😀

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