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Protecting Income – Life Insurance

We have come to realize that the Personal Finance blügs are stuffed full of, “Yea! Roth IRA!,” “Debt is evil,” “Earn more with a blüg,” “Landlord = Passive Income” etc.  The same themes seem to be recycled and regurgitated in different size chunks and a different color.  But, one topic is rarely covered, investing.  Actual, investing advice.  While we don’t pretend to be experts, we are going to start series for putting people on the path to retirement and achieving their goals.  Perhaps this is not as interesting as how much we spent on clothes last week.  But, actual investing articles aren’t regularly covered in hot & heavy detail in the personal finance blüg-o-sphere.  We choose not to disclose our portfolio size and age because we believe our ideas should stand on their own.  That is to say, it doesn’t matter if we are 25 year old millionaires or 50 year old wannabe retirees with $10k to our name, because our ideas are valid regardless.  Well, maybe it would give us some street cred if we did unveil our portfolio, but our ideas should stand without the backing of (or lack there of) our personal portfolio.  And perhaps this will bring the readership down from 1 person to 0 people.

We still plan to post twice a week, and we may jump around from series to series or whatever we think is important.  But, you’ll know what is coming down the pipeline.  And if you want to see something or see something sooner, let us know.  We are thinking of adding a “carnival” type post on Fridays, but focusing more on those who ignore us or offer up misleading information.  But right now, we’re still at 2 posts per week, Monday & Thursday.  Without further adieu…

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Disability Insurance
  3. Shopping for Life & Disability Insurance
  4. Social Security Survivor & Disability Benefits
  5. Will Life insurance benefits be taxed?
  6. Emergency Fund
  7. Umbrella Insurance

Ok, so after our diatribe above about blügs not talking about investing, we start out talking about a non-investing topic.  But, protecting your income is SOOOOOOOO important, that we will kick off with this series.  Your ship can be sunk if you aren’t protected.

At one point or another, we will all think about the need for life insurance.  And while this topic is covered ad nauseous in the personal finance blüg-o-sphere, we have some additional points to offer.  First, only consider life insurance if someone depends on you.  If you vanish like a fart in the wind, will the loss of your income result in others eating cat food?  If not, you don’t need life insurance.  That funeral thing is a crappy sole reason to take out a life insurance policy.  If no one depends on your income, you should be debt free (see entire personal finance blüg-o-sphere on why it is a bad idea to be in debt – “bad” debt as it is coined – and how you can escape its grasp) and have an emergency fund in cash (or CD’s) that should cover those expenses.

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