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Protecting Income – Shopping for Life & Disability Insurance

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  5. Will Life insurance benefits be taxed?
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Shopping for both life and disability insurance can be a daunting task.  And while we typically don’t like to use services by people who have “agent” in their title, using one for obtaining life and disability is advised.  Our agent helped us with all the paperwork, met us at our work to sign the papers, came to our home to talk with us etc.  He certainly made the experience much easier.  AND when our nasty habit proved to be a problem, he was able to go out and find another company which satisfied our criteria without having to do another medical screening.  Tres simple.  The price is the same whether you use an agent or not, so you should use the service of a good agent.  There are plenty out there, so if you run across one you don’t like, move onto the next one.  Wash, rinse and repeat until you find an agent you like.

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