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IRA to IRA to IRA Rollover in one year?

Why surfing the interwebz, we’ve run into some potentially misleading information.  Well, it most definitely can be interpreted as being misleading, but the intent of the individuals is unknown.  Of course, the point of this blüg is to make sure people don’t use this misleading information.  So, regardless of what someone’s intention is, we hope people walk away with more knowledge than they did before they invested a few minutes in what we have written.

Over at Retire by 40’s blüg, “Ray” gave some advice in the comments that certainly deserves an asterisk.  And, we put that asterisk in the comment section.  But, here is what “Ray” said which could be misleading.

What people don’t understand is you can roll it over to say Vanguard and if you don’t like them, then roll it over to Etrade and if you don’t like them, roll it over to Schwab etc.

Usually from start to finish it’s no more than 7-10 business days if you do it right…

The implication here is that you can just rollover whenever you please.  Which is true, but not without consequences.

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